Estimated Number of Parkinson's Patients Globally ~ 10,000,000.00

- Our Partners -

World Parkinson’s Program supports mission of various nonprofit organizations working to promote the cause of Parkinson’s disease and also invites them to be its partners in enhancing Parkinson’s disease education and promoting quality of life of those affected with Parkinson’s by building a better global Parkinson’s Community. Our partnership also helps exchange of ideas, information, networking and building a bigger platform for sharing of experiences and valuable resources. Email us at to become our partner which is free of charge. The list of our partners from various countries is given below.

Move4Parkinson’s Foundation Ltd

Sandyford Community Centre, Enniskerry Road, Lambscross, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Ireland.

Parkilife Australia

Margarita Makoutonina, M.Edu, B.AppSc (OT) Director Parkilife Austalia, Melbourne, Victoria,Australia

Memon Medical Centre Mombasa, Kenya

Memon Villa, Maalim Juma Road, Maalim Juma Mohamed Rd, Mombasa, Kenya. +254 41 2495801

Dr. Wael Mohamed, MD,PhD

Lecturer, Menoufia Medical School ,Shebin El Kom, Menoufia, Egypt 002.

Dr.Sikander Hayat Medical Clinic

Ali Pur Road, Shehar Sultan, District Muzaffar Garh, Punjab, Pakistan

Prime Healthcare Group

Department of Neurology, Prime Medical Centre, Deira, Opposite Reef Mall, Salahuddin Rd. Deira, Dubai 7162.