Estimated Number of Parkinson's Patients Globally ~ 10,000,000.00

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We help Parkinson's patients to get the best medical care and provide Parkinson's disease medications, walkers, canes, wheelchairs, electric tooth brushes, Parkinson's disease educational literature and other supportive services. There are millions of Parkinson's patients around the world afflicted with poverty who are not able to afford buying their medications, canes, walkers, wheelchairs and other healthcare necessities. We provide educational literature, medications, canes, walkers, wheelchairs and other healthcare necessities to such patients free of charge.

If you are a neurologist, physician or any other healthcare professional and want to provide your services to Parkinson's patients, contact us for to direct your services to benefit those who are in real need.

Various services of  World Parkinson’s Program include

  • Providing Parkinson's disease medications to those patients who can't afford to buy them,
  • Distribution of walkers, canes, and wheelchairs to those patients who are not able to purchase these devices, 
  • Distribution of electric tooth brushes, and other healthcare supplies to those patients who are not able to afford buying these supplies,
  • Providing educational brochures about Parkinson’s disease, Restless Legs Syndrome and related disorders in more than 15 languages, currently used in more than 50 countries,
  • Free Parkinson's Clinics for those patients who can't afford to pay for medical services,
  • Free monthly educational newsletter to all subscribers of World Parkinson's Program
  • Dr.Rana International Parkinson’s Community Service Award
  • Lectures about Parkinson’s disease
  • Free copies of Parkinson's disease handbooks for patient education.

Parkinson's is a lifelong condition with devastating effect on the patients and their families. Through continued education and support we can not only lessen these effects but also help them to cope better with this disease. Please help us continue to assist those living with Parkinson's around the world. With your support, we can help patients and their families endure life with Parkinson's.

Join us to help those struggling against Parkinson's...….you can make a difference by helping even one person living with Parkinson’s!

If you are medical professional or manage a healthcare facility in any part of the world and provide  services to Parkinson’s patients, contact us to be included in the World Parkinson's Directory at

Donate to support World Parkinson’s Program. We are striving to improve the medical care of Parkinson's patients around the world.